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Gallery of 6 Handmade Books

1. Goatskin quarter style with paper, laced-on raised cords, handsewn silk endbands



2. Full-goatskin with leather sewing supports laced through cover, handsewn silk endbands



3. Leather Journal

Structure is the Clarkson Conservation Limp-Vellum binding, but I used goatskin instead on single pink goatskin thongs. Backbeaded silk endbands. Exaggerated yapp edge.

(this first photo 'during')




4. for Jenny G 2010

half style calf, 3 single laced-in cords, handsewn silk endbands


5. Limp Vellum Binding on double supports, wrapped sewing:


6. Full alum-tawed leather, herringbone stitch, laced on boards


  and then it was done:



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